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Jim Dalton, Mindfulness Mentor

Mindfulness Training and Practice

Photo Gallery

Current Classes Current Classes Nature Park Classroom1 179797385 Fair Lady Works the Shuttles 194307263 Brush Knee 194307126 Repulse Monkey 194307262 Part the Wild Horse's Mane 194307127 NAYA Group Classes offered since 2010 189682336 Garden Home 1 White Crane spreads wings 189682031 Garden Home 2 Parting the Horse's Mane 189682030 Garden Home 3 24 Step Tai Chi Form 189682032 Neighborhood House 1 Gazing at the Moon 189682034 Neighborhood House 2 Shibashi 189682035 Neighborhood House 3 QiGong Routines 189682136 Nature Park Classroom2 179797769